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offer "Meditation in Action" retreats in India, Europe and Israel-Palestine.

Our retreats and events bring support to social, humanitarian and ecological projects, while also finding a deeper and more supportive way of living a full human life.

By combining the quiet reflective activity of meditation with the outgoing interactive movement of "action" we find we are feeding two birds with the seed of oneness.

We find meditation and action a complimentary pair. The skills that help us to connect and stay steady with ourselves in contemplation, also help us to be more fully with the person or action infront of us.
Equally as we become more intimate with others we can find new depths of intimacy with ourselves.

Meditation for Activists
Actions for Meditators

In this kind of retreat we allow the meeting of the world out there, with the world within us. Through intimacy with our own experience we are better empowered to bring positive change to the world around us.

All of us have much to offer, so we hope you will join us
to explore our balance of being and doing,
to investigate what really is helping,
to expand our boundaries;
to widen our circle of friends,
and to see what in life we can let into our hearts.

We are inspired by non-violence, deep-ecology and buddhism... among others.
We hope to be offering a continuation of the deepening of meditation, contemplation or spirit by bringing it into life through the way we live. As well as offering a sustainable support for activism by rooting it in the spiritual depth of our being.
But, essentially, all we wish is to be open, in life, to life, in all its joys and sorrows, and to be of service to others to do likewise.

Read What is SanghaSeva? to find out more about who we are and what we do