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Buy Olive trees in Palestine







Buy trees for Palestinian farmers to replace ones uprooted

As an act of solidarity and support for farmers who have lost their livelihoods consider buying them some young olive trees. It is surprisingly cheap and will make an excellent gift.

In the spirit of Gifts that Keep on Giving, we have set up a way to buy an olive tree for them on behalf of a friend or family member. If this sounds great, or confusing read on.

Their farm lands have been declared a Nature Reserve by the occupying force of Israel. The restrictions this puts on them, in addition to being under occupation, makes their lives very difficult.

Two farmers whose trees are at risk

In Wadi Kana an order was made for the uprooting of 2000 trees. The farmers with our support are non-violently resisting this order via peaceful demonstrations and a legal process. But we all know they may well lose this battle, just as we know they have lost before.

We want to bring some positivity to the situation, and we want to share an opportunity with you to get involved.

You can buy them some fruit trees to replace the ones they have lost, and towards the ones yet to be lost.
2 olive trees cost £5 (€6 or $8) and you can buy up to 60 trees (for £150).
Because this is Gifts that Keep on Giving you can buy the trees as a gift for a loved one, while giving the trees to the farmers on your loved one's behalf.

Read more about this (there's a video too) and let's buy some olive trees for those who really need our help.