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EarthCare Tree Planting Retreat
in Devon, UK
17 - 23 January, 2022
Sacred Places
Alone together making our world a more beautiful and connected place, in your location and online
12 March, 2022
Being Peace Weekend Retreat
Meeting the conflict with peace and understanding in Israel and Palestine
1 - 2 April, 2022
Humanity in Action: Supporting a Safe Haven
in Calais, France
12 - 16 May, 2022
Other retreats led by SanghaSeva facilitators


Upcoming Events

On this page we have a brief explanation of our next retreats with links to get more information. For the long retreats we have more information on the site, for the shorter (day or weekend) events please register your interest for more information via email.

In addition to SanghaSeva's own retreats we are also listing events we wish to promote that closely share our vision of an integrated practice. They are being offered by independent organisations we resonate with, and/or run by SanghaSeva facilitators. To make this as clear as possible they are listed under the heading SanghaSeva Supports. These are not adverts, and no money or favours have changed hands in creating this expanded listing.

EarthCare: Tree Planting Retreat in Devon, UK
17 - 23 January, 2022

“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best time is now” - Anon

This retreat is an opportunity to touch the earth and lay down roots of peace and restoration;
A time for supporting inner and outer growth in and for nature;
This is a chance to aid greater diversity, range, and plenitude for the wild places of the planet.

Moor Land View

The aim of this retreat is to gather in community around Moor Trees' mission to restore native woodland. Then while we work in the land, we will deepening our connection to ourselves and to nature.

We will stay near Dartmoor in the beauty of Eden Rise, where we will have space and time for meditation and community.

The five day retreat will comprise four days of tree planting. These days will not be hard work, and we will adapt to the abilities of the group. But please be aware that tree planting does require bending and working in the wild outdoors. In the middle day of the retreat we will have a restful day of meditative silence, reflection, and inquiry.
We hope this event will support community, positive action, and support our meditative practices.

Picking the Tree

The retreat will be facilitated by Zohar Lavie and Nathan Glyde.

If you are interested in exploring what it is to express "EarthCare" with some meditative tree planting, please read more and register your interest for the EarthCare retreat.


Sacred Places, in your location and online
12 March, 2022

Note this event comes with two timings: one in European friendly time zones; and one suited to North America

To more easily accommodate everyone we will have a group that meets and practices from 8am Central time in US and Canada, and another that starts at 8am UK time. The retreat days will have the same form, but please register for the one in your most convenient time zone.

“There are no unsacred places; there are only sacred places and desecrated places.” - Wendell Berry

This retreat is an opportunity to meet together online to support working for good in our locality.
By tuning into the feeling of sangha as a community of support, we can go beyond what we feel is possible alone.
This is a chance to experience being empowered to act from our heart’s deepest wishes, and go beyond the human habitual norms of care in our actions.

The first style of Sacred Places retreats will be a clean up. We will have a day of action in each of our local areas, perhaps you’ve already noticed a nature spot you would love to see cleaner than it is right now.

Cleaning the lake

If you’re near an ocean or a waterway, a woodland or fields, or a scrubland or a side of road, you will have noticed and can feel how our human nature is living in mother nature. This living planet is home to countless other beings, and it is time to act for them too.

Human lifestyles generate quite a lot of waste, some of this escapes the waste collection system and collects instead in areas of natural beauty. We're not just talking about the countryside – even a flower by the side of the road is beautiful and natural.

During the time of Covid we have seen a slipping back from the progress we’ve made in recycling and plastic reduction. This is understandable, thinking of the environment is hard when we’re in a panic or a pandemic. Yet when plastic isn’t taken care of well it finds its way through our streets towards the sea. It's not hard to see the impact of our decreased care and consideration around plastics along our shorelines and riverbanks.

Turtle in the lake

Let’s work together remotely yet deeply connected to each other and to great nature to make these desecrated (neglected) places sacred again for all beings.

We'll meet in the morning via a Zoom call to establish our connection as a community of actors. We’ll have a meditation session together and a time for sharing our intentions. Then spend the day with the activity of cleaning. In the afternoon/evening we’ll meet again to share how our day has been: what we’ve learned, achieved, and transformed. Then we’ll close with a meditation.

Daily Rhythm (times are listed below are in UK time or in Central time (US and Canada) depending on which group you join)
  • 08.00 - 10.00 - Opening the session with a meditation and sharing our intentions
  • 10.00 - 15.00 - 5 hours in which to find your own rhythm for the action in your area (you aren’t expected to work all 5 hours!)
  • 15.00 - 16.45 - Coming back together online to share and close the day

This is the twelfth in a series of retreats that takes place with a distributed community, supported by a feeling of togetherness. Later we hope to open to humanitarian issues and activities in other fields. Each event will be treated as an individual event, and registration for each day of action does not require former attendance on other Sacred Places days.

This is also the seventh time we're doing this event with two communities in two time zones joining as one in spirit

The Sacred Places retreat in European time zones will be facilitated by Julia Wallond and Gareth Fysh-Foskett.
Register your interest in Sacred Places European time zones to receive more information.

The Sacred Places retreat in North American time zones will be facilitated by Deanna Burkett.
Register your interest in Sacred Places North American time zone to receive more information.


Being Peace Weekend Retreat, Israel and Palestine
1 - 2 April, 2022

“Be the change you want to see” - Mahatma Gandhi

This retreat lovingly flows through the walls of separation that have been built up between Israelis and Palestinians; physical walls, but also those built within our hearts.
The aim of this retreat is to cross the real and imagined border between these countries; so close and yet often so far apart.
By not allowing ourselves to be limited by the constructed roles we have been taught to play, we can directly express our human goodness ourselves.
This is a chance to experience the situation more directly; beyond stereotypes, media images and fearful projections.

Being Peace

We have been running this retreat since 2006, and over nearly 15 years of Being Peace we have established a relationship of trust and friendship in the villages and communities we work with. To support us all in opening to this complex situation with peace and intimacy we will be spending a few nights in a Palestinian village. While there we will meet and work with Palestinian families in the olive harvest, and hear how life under occupation is affecting them.

Picking the Tree

Our wish is to bring support and understanding to all those living in this conflict, and to make the meeting of Jews and Arabs, Israeli and Palestinian, a reality.
We hope to bring more understanding, more compassion and more peace, both to the moments of the retreat and to the situation as a whole.

This is a shorter version of the Being Peace retreat that normally happens at this time of year. This weekend retreat is primarily aimed at people who are already living or spending time in the region.

The retreat will be facilitated by Zohar Lavie and Nathan Glyde.

If you are interested in exploring what it is to "Be Peace":

להרשמה ולקבלת מידע נוסף על סופהשבוע בעברית

Register your interest for this Being Peace Weekend retreat to receive more information in English.


Humanity in Action: Supporting a Safe Haven in Calais, France
12 - 16 May, 2022

“Refugees are going to continue to come, and the only question is what we are going to do to help them.”
- Davan Yahya Khalil

An opportunity to embody our humane response to crisis, and take the chance to care for others.
To embrace our shared humanity and see the person beyond the label 'refugee'.
To open to this painful reality and make a difference by helping create a safe haven for those who have seen the worst of humanity.


We will be helping NGO's created to support refugees who are experiencing real hardship. This is essential work that continues even though the Calais camps were shut down towards the end of 2016. Our time there will be an act of solidarity and contribute to a real difference for those who truly need help.

The Humanity in Action retreat will combine this positive action with meditation, discussions, and group processing.

Picking Olives

We will be working with grassroots organisations formed by volunteers that came to support the crisis before the camps were demolished and residents evicted.

It is not possible to know ahead of time exactly what we will do nor what is needed to support the noble humanitarian work, but we aim to find work suitable for all ages and energy levels.Our morning work will probably be in the warehouses where we may be sorting donations, and preparing food and other necessities into parcels for distribution. In the afternoon we may engage with the distribution, and offering other services: like hot drinks, sewing, hair station, games… to those in need.

If you are touched by this project but cannot join us, you could also help by sponsoring someone else to go. If you would like to use Paypal please donate here. If you would like to use another method to support this retreat please contact us.

The retreat will be facilitated by Nathan Glyde.

We are still gathering the final details for the retreat but if this sounds interesting to you, please express your interest in Humanity in Action by filling the retreat form


Other retreats led by SanghaSeva facilitators

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