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On this page you can help SanghaSeva to continue to offer retreats around the world. You can do this in one of two ways, by giving a donation to the assistance fund, or by giving money to the general fund.

The assistance fund will be used to allow people who cannot afford to come on the retreat to receive a bursary (financial assistance). We like this model as it can allow two people, one with more time and one with more free money, to mutually support their common deepest wish.

The general fund will be used to invest in new projects, paying deposits, and the ongoing costs of running a small organisation. We do not pay anyone, there is no SanghaSeva staff, all the work is done voluntarily. This way we keep our costs to a minimum.


To donate to the Assistance Fund please use paypal via the button below.



To donate to the General Fund please use paypal via the button below.



If you wish to donate but don't want to use PayPal, please contact us.
Also if you have any questions about your donation or our organisation, or other suggestions please contact us.