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Buy Olive trees in Palestine







Help the farmers of Wadi Kana, Palestine

It is normal for the farmers of Wadi Kana to have experienced having their trees uprooted, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to fund the replanting of their orchards.

There are ways to stop this happening, and we would love your support with that also. But today we want to offer an opportunity for positive action.

In the spirit of Gifts that Keep on Giving, we have set up a way to buy some olive trees on behalf of a friend or family member. (You can of course also buy them for yourself.)

Wadi Kana

The trees will go to the farmers of Wadi Kana and we will inform your loved one that you have done this kind act on their behalf.
Naturally we will also let the farmers know that you have bought them some trees!

This is a great way to make a positive change in the world.

All the money raised will go directly to the farmers, SanghaSeva will cover all the fees transferring the money and will take no percentage.

To safely and securely buy some olive tree for the farmers of Wadi Kana use the form here:

Note: the email template will use information you give us on this form. What you enter as Their name and Your name will be replaced in the template text shown below in curly brackets.
Dear {{Their name}},
{{Your name}} has bought you some olive trees, and they have been delivered to farmers in Wadi Kana in occupied Palestine to help them keep their livelihoods…

More Information:

Farmer in Wadi Kana explaining the situation posted by SanghaSeva on Vimeo.

Trees are being uprooted, springs polluted and drained, and the farmers of occupied Palestine are heavily restricted in what they can do to farm their lands in this difficult circumstance.

This valley has been designated as a nature reserve by the Civil administration (The Israeli military-based administration of the Palestinian occupied territories). The farmers had no say in the creation of the nature reserve on their land; there was no process that took into account their needs.

Meanwhile no action has been taken to remove 22 buildings of the illegal Jewish outpost of Alonei Shiloh all of which is entirely in the area of the nature reserve. In addition to this, 123 buildings from the neighbouring Jewish settlements are within the nature reserve. Some of these buildings have demolition orders, some even for some time, but no action has been taken.

The Civil administration is running this nature reserve with little to no consideration of the farmers hard work and the consequences to their livelihoods. So your gift will mean the world to them.