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Food Parcels as Humanitarian Aid

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The Situation in The West Bank

While our attention is mostly focused on the horrific events occurring in and around Gaza, it is crucial to acknowledge that the West Bank is also experiencing significant suffering. Apart from acts of violence, expansions of settlements, and restrictions on land access which we may not be able to do so much about from afar, our Palestinian friends have shared how challenging the economic situation is for them. This is something we can direct affect.

Photo from Brett Wilkins

On October 7th, Israel suspended all work permits for Palestinians employed in Israel, resulting in an estimated loss of 208,000 jobs, which is equivalent to approximately 24 percent of employment. Additionally, the Palestinian Authority is struggling to pay its employees, and there are severe travel restrictions within the West Bank for Palestinians. As a result, individuals working in towns or villages where they do not reside have also been forced to stop working.

Currently, our friends report that the high unemployment rate has left many people unable to afford food. Shops that have been extending credit to customers who could not pay are now running out of money to purchase supplies to restock. The situation is becoming increasingly desperate.

How You Can Help

Many of you have asked how you can support those living through the current crisis in the region. In response, we created an opportunity to support Palestinian families by providing them with food parcels. A food parcel containing essential items such as rice, flour, lentils, oil, sugar, and tea can sustain an average family for a week and costs approximately 40 GBP.

Our partners in the village have organized and distributed parcels. But we have heard the call for more support, so we are running this campaign for longer. The boxes will be collected and distrubuted by the friends we have developed from running our Being Peace retreat since 2006 in the region.

Photo from FreePal on Flickr

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Palestine Food Parcels

If you wish to follow our work on the ground, or you have any questions please contact us.

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