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SanghaSeva | Meditation in Action believes meditation and activism go hand-in-hand. We offer events that combine meditation with action at humanitarian and ecological projects.

Vision and Mission

Be The Change You Wish To See

We envision a world free from greed, hatred and delusion.

We believe that the way to get there involves exploring our inner selves and taking direct action. This requires a creative combination of sensitivity and agency.

Meditation is…

…the cultivation of wholesome and beneficial states of being. It involves gathering your attention and stepping out of our habitually harmful relationships to what we meet. Our experiences depend on what we pay attention to and how we pay attention. By changing how we relate to what we perceive, we shape our inner world.

Activism is…

…the cultivation of a wholesome and beneficial state for all beings. Given the current state of the world, it is important to engage with courage, clarity, and compassion. We cannot achieve radical change alone. Cooperative action is necessary to free the world from greed, hatred, and delusion.

Resolving Suffering

Meditation and positive action aim to reduce suffering, but they often use different methods. Although distinct, they are not contradictory. We feel that the combination of purposeful activities with a meditative approach gives more benefit than doing them separately. This is especially true when it comes to the increase in meaningfulness and reducing burnout.


We are inspired by all wise and compassionate beings. We value non-violence, deep ecology, and Dharma teachings. A deep bow to all those who dedicate their lives to the well-being of all. Likewise, we aspire to be empathetic to all life experiences, and to creatively respond to the needs of all beings in our service.

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Upcoming Events

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Join an inspiring events in the UK, France, and Israel-Palestine, or come to one of our online events.
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29 May - 2 June, 2024

Humanity in Action: Calais, France

This retreat will form around the positive action of helping support refugees in Calais. Our time there will be an act of solidarity and contribute to a real difference for those who truly need help. We will also have time for meditation, discussions, and group processing.

13 July, 2024

Earth Care Day: London

A one day event offering service in the inner city wilderness of Tower Hamlet Cemetery Park. We will meditatively work on whatever seasonal tasks are required to support all the beings who live in or pass through this natural oasis.

16 - 27 October, 2024

Being Peace: Israel-Palestine

An inspiring opportunity to come to the Holy Land and support Palestinian and Israeli peace activists. We will offer practical help by picking olives, and we will have the chance to empathetically listen to their lives: especially the impact of living under occupation.

13 - 19 January, 2025

Earth Care: Tree Planting

Working with the inspiring Moor Trees charity, we will participate in the essential work of reforesting Dartmoor. In pursuit of this noble end, we will get to work with trees from sprouting acorns to mature forests.

What Participants Have To Say

I feel so enormously blessed. I began my journey full of the 'I', and now find myself with a clear knowing of the 'us'. The experience of love & connection, friendship & compassion have done something to my heart I did not foresee. My heart has been nourished from the deepest of roots. I know not where the path goes next, but I am clear that it is a path of loving connection in whatever form that may be.

Author image Xulia Duran-Rodríguez Retreat, Anandwan 2012

The retreat was a rich, challenging, nourishing, inspiring and profoundly moving experience on many levels. The combination of the work retreat was immensely satisfying and enjoyable. Though at times heart-breaking to see the poverty and illness that people are facing there, it was a privilege to be able to offer some support.

Author image Jenny Wilks Retreat, Khuphuka 2010

I think that activism and NGOs need more people who are able to cultivate mindfulness. At the same time the 'mindfulness movement' can greatly benefit from people who want to take their practice into society, with passion and without fear of engaging with the chaos of the world.

Author image Alessandra Pigni Retreat, Being Peace 2011

I was really looking forward to a week of peacefulness, and gentle company and tasks, and I got what I wished for. The surroundings were beautiful, the schedule was relaxing and peaceful. Blessed with lovely company I really enjoyed the week and would definitely recommend it!

Author image Claire Deaves Retreat, Earth Care 2010

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