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SanghaSeva | Meditation in Action
Retreats that Touch the World

We offer events that participate in humanitarian and ecological projects in ways that support deeper and more meaningful lives.

By combining the inner activity of meditation with the outward movement of inter-action the 'retreats' you will find listed on this website promote harmony and well-being for all beings of the world, including ourselves.

Some may see meditation and action as opposites, we suggest they are a complimentary pairing. The meditative skills that help us to connect and stay steady with ourselves in contemplation, support us to be more fully with the person or action in front of us. Also as we consciously engage with the world or come closer to another, we can find new depths of intimacy and understanding with our own life.

Meditation for Activists
Actions for Meditators

We hope to be expanding the deep practices of meditation and contemplation by sensitively and courageously bringing wisdom into the world through the way we live. We are finding this to be a sustainable mode for activism—rooted in the radical depth of our being.

One of the ways SanghaSeva | Meditation in Action retreats do this is by softening the boundary between the world out there and the world within us. Meditation and reflection support an intimacy with all that makes up our experience. No matter where it appears to be located, all that arises can be met with wisdom and care. These practices bring us to a sensitive empowerment to relate positively to all the world we consciously know.

All of us have much to offer. We hope you will join us,
to explore a balancing of being and doing,
to investigate what really is 'helping',
to expand our boundaries;
widening our circle of friendship and care,
and seeing how much more of life we can let into our heart-minds.

We are inspired by non-violence, deep-ecology, emptiness teachings, permaculture, and many many more positive offerings of wise and kind beings. Ultimately what we wish is to be open in life to life in all its joys and sorrows, and to be of service to others to do likewise.

Read What is SanghaSeva - Meditation in Action? to find out more about who we are and what we do, and also read about how we are structured, registered, and managed as an organistion.